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Hawk Precast concrete screen wall manufatruing siteHawk Precast

Hawk Precast specializes in manufacturing Verti-Crete precast concrete screen walls and sound walls.  We also manufacture MagnumStone retaining wall blocks and a thinner precast stackable wall system. Our products are perfect for developers, builders, municipalities, and landowners throughout the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex.  We also serve surrounding states including New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Hawk’s Verti-Crete precast concrete screen walls are noted for their exceptional sound deadening and screening qualities. Our Verti-Crete fencing system meets or exceeds all municipal building code wind-shear standards. Verti-Crete’s interlocking panels and columns are engineered to withstand the most demanding environmental elements and offer the look and feel of real stone in a variety of popular styles and patterns.

Our masonry screening walls are generally not appropriate for individual homeowners.  This is due to the space required for installation and potential for damage to landscape caused by our heavy equipment.

Our exclusive manufacturer licenses with Verti-crete and MagnumStone, assures you are provided with the highest quality concrete and pre-cast products in the business.

Hawk Construction

At Hawk Construction we offer comprehensive services including:

  • Logistics and delivery to the job site
  • Complete installation from beginning to end
  • Expert design consulting
  • Full assistance with obtaining the appropriate permits
  • Site specific engineering as required

You can even mix materials. For example, between our precast concrete stone columns we can install any fencing panel type including: wrought iron, red cedar board, pipe, and simulated vinyl wood planks. With a Hawk Precast concrete fence you are assured a high quality concrete fence, concrete sound wall, masonry wall, or perimeter fence that will last for years to come.

We carry both liability insurance and worker’s comp insurance and are familiar with and capable of obtaining payment/performance bonds.

Hawk Precast and Hawk Construction are located at 5002 Hwy 380 in Princeton, Texas 75407. Our phone number is 972 547-6652. We are ready to answer any questions you have about our pre-cast concrete fences.


Hawk Precast