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Concrete precast walls by Hawk Precast image gallery.  The images below show some of our work in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area with the different precast wall options we offer as well as available standard sizing.  Questions about options and availability?  Please either fill out the contact us link at the top of the page, complete the Get in Touch information at the bottom, or email


Ashlar Verti-Crete

The Ashlar style of stonework has been known for its use in monuments and government buildings.  Cutting the stones to uniformed shape and size requires the skill and time of true craftsmen.  Now, this style is available for applications where quality and class are important considerations. 

Precast walls available in standard 6′, 8′ & 10′

 Ledgestone Verti-Crete

Ledgestone pattern panels are mixed with Ashlar columns for a truly custom look.  Furthermore, our Ledgestone panel has a bold, rough surface that adds character to the wall.  Additionally, this pattern employs mortared joints that enhance the look and feel of real stone masonry. 

Precast walls available in 6′, 8′ & 10′

 Brick Verti-Crete

Our Brick panels and columns simulate a brick masonry wall without the upkeep and risk of grout blow outs.  Passersby will never know the difference once paint is rolled on especially if the grout is left grey.  We do support options that mix our brick pattern with our Ashlar columns or, alternately, our brick columns with our stone panels which have a very elegant look. 

Available in 6′ & 8′

Durango Verti-Crete

Durango pattern is also mixed with Ashlar columns to have a truly custom look.  Our Durango panels surface is similar to hand chiseled stone with sharp edges.  Consequently, this makes for an outstanding combination with our Ashlar columns. 

Precast walls available in 8′ & 10′


Stack-Crete is our thin-wall product that works great for a privacy fence without the deterioration of wood or the maintenance and upkeep of masonry brick.  We offer brick, simulated wood, and two stone options.   Additionally, Stack-Crete fence sizes are typically 6′ or 8′, however, our Ledgestone Stack-Crete option will support a 10′ wall. 

Available in 6′ & 8′ with some also available in 10′

 Magnumstone Retaining Wall

Magnumstone is a hollow 4′ x 2′ x 2′ block with a weathered stone face.  Our Magnumstone blocks can be stacked in about any length up to 9′ high for all your retaining wall needs.  Additionally, Magnumstone’s hollow core allows for drainage through the block rather than requiring extra drainage space behind the retaining wall.  Consequently, this increases precious landscape and property usability over other retaining wall products. 


Parking Stops

Hawk Precast offers 6′ and 8′ parking stops. 

Available in 6′ and 8′ lengths

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