stack-crete princeton, tx
Stack-Crete is a stackable wall system with panels that measure 5 ft long, 1 ft high, and about 1.5 inches thick (thickness depends on style).   The posts are placed on footings 5 ft apart and the panels are stacked to the desired height between posts.  Standard fence heights are 6′ and 8′ but we do have a stone option that will reach a height of 10′. 

Stack-Crete is a great option for a privacy fence that is more durable than wood with less maintenance and upkeep.  Stack-Crete will last longer than brick without the risk of failing grout lines that brick walls suffer over time.  Repair is much easier and faster than brick: our ability to match paint eliminates the unsightly mismatch seen with brick when trying to match weathered sections with new sections. 

Hawk Precast currently has four options for Stack-Crete: two types of stone, brick, and wood.  Our stone options are our most popular with one looking like weathered stone with somewhat rounded edges and the other has the look of chiseled stone.  Our brick pattern has many different paint scheme options that simulate the look of real brick with real grout lines but without the upkeep brick walls require.  

We also do repairs (based on product availability)!! 

Please check with your local city on screen wall requirements and restrictions. 

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