Verti-Crete   Applications

Our custom, double-sided, decorative, concrete precast screen wall system is incredibly flexible in terms of how and where it may be used. Hawk Precast concrete fences assures you have a high quality Precast product that will last for years to come.

Commercial:precast concrete fence princeton, tx

Homeland Security- (Click here to Watch Ballistics Testing)Incredibly tough and durable, our pre-cast concrete walls are ideally suited for applications where security is a paramount concern. Potentially adding Razor Wire and other additions to the top of the wall increase security.

Highway Sound Wall – In addition to their strength and solidity, Verti-Crete concrete precast screen wall are extremely effective in noise reduction. Whether surrounding a business area, bordering railroad tracks or a freeway, or simply providing a privacy fence for nearby residents, our dense precast concrete walls are an excellent noise barrier choice.

Municipal/Public Utility – With the responsibility of building electrical substations, water treatment plants, sewage treatment, schools, and other facilities, municipalities and private organizations are conscious of the safety, durability, and aesthetics of the property’s perimeter. Verti-Crete concrete walls provide an ideal, cost-effective option. Residents in neighboring communities will also appreciate the aesthetic beauty of these masonry screen walls.

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verti-crete precast products princeton, txCommercial Property – Verti-Crete’s durability provides a low maintenance solution that will add to the value of property for years to come. We tailor our custom paint/stain options to match the stonework on buildings or other elements in the surrounding environment.

Graded Applications – Our precast concrete columns and panels can be effectively adapted to most landscaping elevation or grade changes. Precast concrete fences add an elegant look to any landscape.

Dumpster Enclosures – Concrete walls provide durability, elegance, and style to the normally mundane trash enclosure area.


Housing Developments – Pleasant aesthetics, durability and superior sound deadening capabilities of Verti-Crete are just some of the reasons many developers use our wall as sub-division perimeter fencing. Homeowners love the beauty and low maintenance that a Verti-Crete wall offers.

Private Residential – Homeowners with established landscaping should be aware that significant damage is unavoidable due to the heavy equipment used during install of our Verti-Crete wall. If your landscaping is not an issue, then a Verti-Crete privacy fence would be the perfect complement to any home. However, take into consideration underground and overhead utilities.

Entrance Signage – Precast panels can even be modified to create a high quality business or residential entrance sign.

Creative Options Combining Different Construction Materials

Our precast screen wall blends easily with different construction materials.   This is another reason why Verti-Crete is a great investment.

Wrought Iron -In this perimeter application combining wrought iron with our custom precast concrete columns creates an upscale look.

Three Pipe Rail Fence – The possibilities seem endless with our concrete and precast fencing product. Here oil well pipe rails provide a upscale western look.

Three Rail Board Style – Three Rail Board Style fencing is perfect for the modern North Texas horse ranch. This combination of traditional three board fence and stone patterned column will set your spread apart from all the rest.

Wood Panel Perimeter Fences – Today many developers look to create a fresh and interesting look with concrete perimeter screening walls. This is easily achieved by using wood panels between custom concrete columns.

Stock Enclosure – Here’s another example of combining wrought iron with our elegant concrete columns to create a unique upscale and durable stock enclosure.

Storage Units and Garages – One customer wanted a precast concrete walled garage that complemented his perimeter wall. The result was quite appealing.

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