Concrete Wall Column and Wall Panel Installation

concrete walls princeton, txOur high-speed, precast concrete wall and column assembly process involves digging and pouring footings, lowering column and wall panels into place and capping the columns. Once installation completes our expert installers will paint the finished product to your desired color and pattern.  Our regular construction team will pour up to 50 footings a day. While excavating and pouring the footings, we are busy manufacturing, curing, and inspecting product at our modern pre-casting facility. We then transport the columns and panels via flatbed trailer trucks to the installation site.

Once footings are in place, our crew will install up to 500 linear feet per day.

Installing Concrete Wall Columns and Panels

<< We ship our precast concrete wall and columns from our manufacturing facility in Princeton, Tx to the jobsite. 



concrete wall column installation princeton, tx



Our professional installers dig piers to a depth determined by our Structural Engineer based on the soils report and height of the screen wall. >>

concrete wall panel installation princeton, tx



<< Installers align and frame pier caps in preparation for concrete.

concrete wall panel princeton, tx



Install crews then pour piers and insert rebar that will provide reinforcement to the columns locking them to the piers. >>


concrete fences princeton, tx

concrete wall column princeton, tx

concrete fencing princeton, tx



<< Installers set columns and panels onto pier caps.





The crews fill column channels with grout for stability and place caps on top of the columns.




<< Last step is paint and highlights.  We offer many options for paint schemes and can match existing buildings or other onsite structures. 



Hawk Precast recommends installation before any landscape work is planned due to the heavy equipment used during installation.  This will avoid unnecessary rework or damage to sprinkler systems. 

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