Verti-Crete FAQ’s

Verti-Crete  screen walls – Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the various heights available for Verti-Crete walls?

A: Hawk Precast manufactures Verti-Crete screen walls in various heights from 4′ to 10′ tall as a standard. However, situations may arise that require taller walls.  Consequently, Hawk Precast looks at those situations and addresses them on a case by case basis to determine if the Verti-Crete wall system is a viable option.  Hawk Construction installed a 20’ sound wall next to railroad tracks in Sachse, TX in 2014.

Q:   Do the panels come in various lengths?

A: No, all Verti-Crete panels are 12’ long. However, the install team often cuts the panels to the appropriate length to fit the layout of the particular project.

Q: Are there any restrictions or requirements for the soil conditions?

A: This varies from site to site. If a soils report is available, please send it to along with a site plan. Stamped engineered drawings are provided when needed.

Q: Can I only purchase material and install this myself?

A: Yes. Hawk Precast sells the material only as an option.

Q: Is there texture or a pattern on both sides?

A: Yes, all of our patterns are all textured on both sides.

Q: What is the distance or spacing between each pier?

A: The pier spacing is typically 13′ 1″ for 6′ wall and 13′ 2″ for 8′ and 10′ wall center to center, column to column.

Q: How are the walls installed?

A: After setting the footings, the install crew places hollow core posts or columns over the rebar to rest firmly on each concrete pier cap. Installers then set the Verti-Crete precast concrete fence panels into place to fit securely within the notches originally cast into the columns. After each section is square, plumb, and level, each column is then filled with concrete to secure the connection between the columns and the footing.

Q: How can I find out more information and get a quote?

A: Fill out the ‘Get in Touch’ information at the bottom of this page or email

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